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Why Choose Anglapro?

  • Designed and built strong for Aussie conditions
  • X-Core and Sabre hull technology make for stronger hulls that can tackle tough conditions
  • High quality materials assembled by the best in the business.  Anglapro won’t let you down
  • What a range! There’s an Anglapro boat to suit you with all the features you’re looking for
  • Value. Inspect an Anglapro and you’ll see how much boat you get for your buck

The Anglapro range

These carefully crafted, tough as you will ever need centre consoles are built to go anywhere. Even the 434 gives you the confidence to let nothing get in your way with it’s 3mm bottom and side construction. Available in sizes from 434 all the way up to the 534 and with CLX, PRO and ELITE models there’s a perfect Bandit for you.

The Chaser 454 CLX is the boat for someone chasing a large amount of internal room, designed with a full length flat floor. This package is perfect for the offshore fisherman that doesn’t want to break the bank. Choose from the smaller 434 Chaser up to the 514 and pick from SPEC, CLX and PRO versions. The Chaser series boats are built tough to get you there!

The Anglapro CORE range of small boats offer a mix of deep V and V nose punt hulls. The boats are built with the Anglapro pedigree strong construction with 2mm bottom and side sheets and fully welded construction. This is the tinnie that delivers sensational looks, duribility and performance at just the right price. The CORE range starts with the car topper 304 model and goes up to the CSR 444.